Meet Sadie and Abby

Sadie Sawyer was content to sleep around and get into trouble – until she met the brown-eyed, wild-haired, ultra-responsible Abby McCormick. Will Abby get our favorite blonde tomboy straightened out – or are they both headed for heartbreak?

Sadie: Born and bred in lower Manhattan, Sadie has a short temper and a mischievous streak that almost overshadow her warm center. Almost. Streetwise and flirty, the 26-year-old was raised by her older brother and works as a graphic designer at a startup travel agency in Midtown.

Abby: The eldest of three sisters, 28-year-old Abby is practical, headstrong, and charming. Sadie’s wild ways both amuse and terrify her, but she’s determined to be the loving hand Sadie needs to stay on track. A native Brooklynite, Abby is steadily climbing the career ladder as a butterfly conservationist at a major Manhattan museum.

Zane: Zane likes warm hugs, human food, and boxes for napping. Okay, maybe no warm hugs for this fuzzy little guy, but he puts up with Sadie and Abby’s constant doting.


About the Author:

Diana is a 25-year-old copywriter living and playing in New York City. She prefers her lesbians with paddles.


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