A New Year’s Eve Romp, Part II

Abby took a deep breath and pulled open the iron fence guarding the abandoned Williamsburg warehouse with a loud squeeeeak. The frosty January air was making her hands uncomfortably dry. She huffed into her palms and rubbed them together in a feeble attempt at keeping warm.

“Does he have a gun or any weapons that you know of?” Abby asked Matt, shoving her hands deep into her pockets for warmth.

“I mean, he knocked me out pretty quickly, so I didn’t see much,” Matt answered, still disheveled. Abby was just thankful that they were all fully clothed. Just about an hour ago, Sadie’s bearded brother had walked in on them doing the dirty deed on his living room couch.

“Okay. How much did you say was in your wallet?” Abby asked with a sigh. Hunting down criminals in Brooklyn was not how she had intended to spend New Year’s.

The entire situation was incredibly dangerous and Abby knew that she was acting uncharacteristically foolish as she stood outside in the frigid night air hoping to convince a man who could knock the daylights out of Sadie’s 6’3 brother to return the wallet he stole.

“About two grand,” Matt replied, dropping his head. Poseidon the pit bull puppy sat loyally next to his owner, though it would take some time – and a helping of treats – to forgive them all for forcing his paws into dog booties.

“Two grand? Matt, why the hell were you carrying so much cash?” Sadie piped up, her mouth gaping and eyes squinted in anger.

“Drug money, some of it,” he replied, feeling too ashamed to nudge Sadie back when she punched him in the arm. “Rent and food money, most of it.”

“Why do you pay your rent in cash?” Abby asked, perplexed.

“My landlady is kind of a tax evader. I get a great deal on the place, okay? And she’s got a kid who’s in school. It’d fuck up his financial aid if the government knew how much she was raking in every month.”

“Right. Of course,” Abby said, rolling her eyes. Though she’d never actually say it aloud, she couldn’t fault Matt for nabbing a great apartment deal – New York City rent was too damn high.

Meanwhile, Sadie pouted in the background. It was just like Matt to take two grand in cash with him to sleep with a woman he barely knew on a shady street next to a deserted back alley. Of course he would be robbed by the woman’s rabid ex-boyfriend. Of course the first real conversation he’d have with the love of her life would involve drugs, strippers, illegal housing, and theft.

The tall blonde didn’t know whether she was really angry at her older brother’s decisions or the fact that they were so blaringly alike.

Abby banged on the door for the third time. Her rapid pounding could wake the dead, and if anyone was home – as evidenced by the faint flickering of a light inside – they’d surely hear her.

“Abby, maybe we should just go home or call the cops or something,” Sadie urged, eyeing her brunette lover. Even with her pink nose and wild post-sex hair, she was a vision. Sadie just hoped they made it home alive.

“No. I’ve already come all the way out here. And by the time the cops get on the case, this guy will have spent the entire wad on drugs or strippers or both.”

Abby turned to look Sadie in the eye. “Besides. I’m pretty much a martial arts pro.”

“Darling, you haven’t been to a class in two months,” Sadie responded. It was true: The museum had been experiencing record-breaking holiday visits – meaning Abby was spending most of her free time talking about butterflies in the conservatory.

Just as Abby was about to utter a sharp retort, a burly man with an ominous snake tattoo wrapped around his bald head, a stained wife beater, and steel-toe boots yanked the door open and grunted.

“Whaddya want?”

He dropped his cigar to the ground, flattened it in one hard stomp, and glared at the three humans and one canine, who began to feel very small and quite scared. Sadie could feel her brother trembling with fear beside her.

Determined not to break her poker face, Abby glared up at the man for a split second – and then she kicked.

Two hours later:

“Abby, I – I’m impressed,” Sadie told her brunette lover between kisses. It felt so good to be back home in their warm bed.

“Do you think I hurt him?” Abby asked, mildly surprised that she felt concern for the ex-convict who roughed up Sadie’s brother and stole from him.

“Erm…I doubt it,” Sadie replied, her long arms wrapped around Abby’s upper body. Sure, her “martial arts pro” had kicked Tezo in the balls, and the pain and surprise had stopped him in his tracks. Other than that, their encounter – though undoubtedly bizarre – had also been relatively tame.

“I am wondering how you knew he had a daughter?”

“The tattoo on his left arm: 12-22-2005 next to pink baby shoes. I thought he should know that his daughter deserved better than a father who puts his and others’ lives in danger to steal.”

“You’re rather convincing,” Sadie said, snuggling up against Abby, who was comfortably clad in a tee and butterfly-print shorts.

The pair kissed passionately as Zane sat at the foot of the bed looking unimpressed. The Persian cat licked his thick grey mane lazily.

Abby chuckled and looked into her lover’s green eyes, pinning her down by the shoulders. “You know, you can be trouble, Sadie Ann Sawyer.”

“Says the girl who marched up to a criminal and demanded my brother’s money back?”

“You have a point there,” Abby replied. “But let’s not forget why I was forced into that dangerous position in the first place.”

Abby turned her leggy blonde over and pulled down the snowman-print boxers she’d given her as a stocking stuffer on Christmas Day.

Sadie assumed position over her lover’s lap, rubbing her bare clit on Abby’s upper thigh in excitement. Abby slid two fingers into the younger woman’s dampening pussy.

“Someone is aroused, and it’s nearly four in the morning,” Abby cooed and tugged on her lover’s short blonde locks.

She struck Sadie’s posterior with teasingly playful smacks, rubbing her gently between each set of swats. Sadie moaned in response to her lover’s touch and rubbed her pussy harder.

“Not yet, darling,” Abby chided as she continued to swat Sadie’s reddening ass.

“Babe, it’s embarrassing. I don’t want Matt to hear,” Sadie whined.

“Matt is probably fast asleep right now,” Abby said, knowing that it was probably accurate. Later, the two would find out that Matt had indeed been snoring on their ragged old sofa, his feet sticking out of their old comforter and Poseidon loyally resting on the makeshift doggy bed next to him.

Abby pulled Sadie up and into a tender embrace. The brunette woman massaged her lover’s juicy pink bud with her right hand as her left felt Sadie’s hardened nipples under her T-shirt.

“I love you, Sadie,” Abby whispered into her girlfriend’s ear.

“I love you, too, Abbs.”

The two fell back onto the bed in a passionate embrace, limbs entwined and lips locking. Zane surrendered his spot and trotted toward the closet for some peace.

By noon that day, the pair rose to the unexpected sound of a dog barking and bacon sizzling. Unless Tezo had returned to grab breakfast before finishing them off, for the very first time in a long time, Matt had stuck around.



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