A New Year’s Eve Romp

Matt took another swig of Jack Daniels in the drafty, cluttered nook of the bedroom he often referred to as his study. Papers strewn across the floor and ashes littering every crevice, his sad excuse for an apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side was far from an idyllic abode. Nevertheless, it housed Sadie for the better part of a decade after their parents’ tragic death.

Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer had never expected much from their eldest child – and they took every opportunity to discourage his creative endeavors.

“Mommy, mommy, look,” an eight-year-old Matt cried out to his apron-clad, exhausted mother, a Virginia Slims cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth. “I wrote a poem about a sunflower. Can I read it to you?”

“Poetry? Hah. You’ll never make it as a poet,” she scoffed, focusing her attention back to the meaty concoction on the stovetop.

Today, Matt was a semi-employed janitor and handyman, complete with a scruffy ginger beard and enough flannel button downs to suit a hipster army. He raised the half empty bottle of Jack in a toast to the enveloping loneliness and peered out of his crusty window to gaze upon the heavy noontime traffic below.

Sadie and her girl would be here any minute and then he could find sweet relief in the arms of Amanda. Or maybe it was Sarah. Whatever her name, she was hot. Big tits, sweet ass car windows shattering mommy mommy wake up blood spattering sirens wailing help me HELP ME.

Poseidon the pit bull puppy, slobber lining the corners of his lips, trotted into the room with the promise of warm licks. Matt put the bottle down, where it was soon lost among empty beer cans, and stooped to kiss the pup’s floppy ears and wet nose.

Sadie and Abby walked arm-in-arm down the scaffolding-lined city streets, making their way toward Matt’s building.

Abby absentmindedly played with her moss-hued knit scarf, a gift from her sister Penny, who frequented the city’s Christmas street fairs. The brunette woman had never met Sadie’s brother before, and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“Matt – he’s rough around the edges, but he’s a good guy,” Abby’s blonde-haired lover said with a reassuring squeeze of her gloved hand. “This time of year is rough for him, well, for us both. I wasn’t in the car when our parents crashed it – but he was. He saw everything.”

“I can’t imagine what that must have been like,” Abby said, regretting her choice of words almost immediately. Of course she couldn’t imagine what it must have been like – Sadie’s childhood experiences were worlds apart from her own upper middle class, two-parent existence. “You know, maybe it’d be better for us all to be together on New Year’s Eve.”

“That’s a nice thought, but Matt always disappears for a couple days around this time. He prefers to process his feelings with a bottle of Jack and a stripper,” Sadie said, her fierce green eyes meeting Abby’s warm brown.

The pair walked on in silence until they reached the front door of a dilapidated old building in the middle of a sloped, treeless street.

“Shall we?” Sadie asked and turned the brass knob.

The women made their way up the narrow staircases. In the dim light, Abby couldn’t tell if the hallway walls were meant to be an eggshell yellow or had been neglected for too many years to count. The tiled floors on each landing were cracked, and lightbulbs flickered dimly from the ceilings. Finally, when they reached the third floor, Sadie lead the way past a fiery-haired neighbor, who smiled frailly at the young woman as she fumbled with the keys to her front door.

“I got it,” Sadie said, pulling the knob toward herself, inserting the keys, twisting them this way and that, and finally pushing her weight against the door until it gave way. “There you go, Ms. O’Reilly.”

The stench of smoke and alcohol emanating from the woman, who stumbled into her studio, was almost overwhelming. Without a glance back at Abby, Sadie walked to the end of the landing and tapped on the last door five times fast.

Several seconds passed before the pair heard the thud thud thud of Matt’s footsteps as he approached the door.

“Thank ye, little sis. Poseidon would go quite hungry without ya. And thanks a lot to you, Abby, for putting up with a Sawyer. I know that’s no easy feat,” he said with a salute of his dirt-caked hand as he pushed past the girls and toward the stairs. “I’ll be back tomorrow at noon.”

“Missed you too, Matt,” Sadie called after him as she held the door open for Abby. Some things would never change, especially if that thing looked like a lumberjack and happened to be her older brother.

Inside, Abby took in her meager surroundings as Sadie lovingly unbuttoned the woman’s crisp new wool trench coat. A maroon color that complemented Abby’s long brown locks and tan skin, Sadie had saved up for months to buy it for her for Christmas.

The apartment wasn’t much – a tattered couch here, a worn bookshelf there, and a creaky old desk in the living room that doubled as a dinner table. They were standing in the kitchenette as Sadie grabbed each end of Abby’s belt and pulled the perfectly-curved woman closer until their bodies pressed together. Sadie stroked her girlfriend’s cheeks and whispered, “I know it’s not much.”

“Sadie. Oh, Sadie,” Abby replied. She began to kiss her lover passionately, only to be interrupted by a WOOF WOOF ahwwwwwooooo and the pitter pattering of puppy feet against tiled flooring.

“And you must be Poseidon,” Sadie giggled and crouched down, rubbing the three-month-old, chocolate-colored puppy’s ears. He jumped onto the tall woman’s shoulders playfully and they collapsed into a ball of cuddles as Abby stood, smiling.

“I don’t think our little Sadie can compete with this,” she said mischievously, pulling a packet of sliced pepperoni from her black satchel purse.

Poseidon barked, begged, whined, and yelped at the sight of the sliced dried meat, leaving Sadie panting on the floor.

“No fair,” Sadie scoffed, pulling off her Sherpa-lined corduroy coat.

Five hours later:

The dusty wall clock ticked past 11:30 pm. Sadie leafed through old newspapers on the living room couch she remembered all too well. Before plopping down, she had turned the cushion over to reveal the melted orange crayon stain she had created as a prankster preteen. Amused, she shook her head.

Even when she lived in her brother’s apartment, there were few photographs of her parents on display. Now, Sadie realized, there were none. It was as if Matt had wiped them from memory.

“I can’t blame him,” Sadie said with a smile that was meant to divert Abby’s attention from the sadness in her eyes. Abby, of course, could see right through the ruse. “He was in the car when they died. He saw everything from the backseat. It wasn’t his fault that my parents went on an alcohol binge when they got in the car to pick my brother up from his girlfriend’s house. They would have seen that minivan coming if they’d been sober. I wouldn’t want to remember them – remember that night – either.”

In the midst of slumber, Poseidon let out a low growl, breaking the heavy silence. Abby snuggled up against her lover and threw her arms around the taller woman’s long torso.

“I know New Year’s is a terrible time for you, Sadie,” she said soothingly. “But I’m here for you. I love you. You deserved better than what your family gave you.”

Tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, Sadie replied, “Matt did the best he could. He was only 20 when they died and he took me in. I would’ve been in foster care if he didn’t. He slept right here, on this couch, so I could have the bedroom. He dropped out of school, worked two jobs. I know he’s not perfect, but he’s all I’ve got.”

“It wasn’t fair, Sadie,” Abby said, her brown eyes meeting Sadie’s green. “You deserved so much more – you and Matt.”

“Thank you,” Sadie replied through tears as Abby’s red lipstick-stained lips planted gentle kisses on her forehead, cheeks, and the vulnerable flesh on her neck.

“Mmmh. Abby, what are you doing?” Sadie asked, clumsily kicking an empty pizza box from their earlier dinner off the desk.

Abby unzipped her lover’s aquamarine hoodie, which Sadie hastily removed, the tears drying on her cheeks. It was remarkable, miraculous even, how quickly the brunette woman could transform her from a defeated, moping mess into a passionate paramour.

Sadie smiled at Abby before carefully removing her red wrap dress and booties. She cupped the tan woman’s perky tits, her nipples teasingly visible beneath her black lace bra. Abby’s chest was perfect enough to fit into Sadie’s hands and bounce during a good fucking. You couldn’t ask for more.

The blonde slid her hand beneath her lover’s black tights and between her legs, feeling her throbbing clit and warm, growing wetness.

Thoroughly aroused, Sadie ripped the tights off the older woman’s body and cupped her firm, round ass cheeks. The blonde dropped to her knees and pulled her brunette lover into a sitting position. She pulled Abby’s thong down to her ankles. Abby sighed in pleasure and clenched her hardened nipples.

The toned woman barely had time to let out another moan before Sadie planted her face in her exposed wet pussy.

“Oh, Jesus, oh Jesus,” she cried in ecstasy, legs spread wide across the sofa.

Sadie tasted her girlfriend’s salty wetness and teased Abby’s clit with licks and flicks. Finally, with Abby crying out for more, she sucked ever so gently on her throbbing pink bud.

“Jesus Christ,” Abby cried, her fingers grasping Sadie’s short locks. “God Almighty. Holy Ghost.”

Abby could never shake her Catholic upbringing, Sadie thought as hot juice ran down her lips and onto her T-shirt.

“Mmmmh,” Abby cried. “No. No. Yes yes yes yes yes.”

Abby’s body tensed as she reached the height of her pleasure – and then all the world came crashing down around her. Seconds later, her eyes fluttered open to Sadie’s warm kisses on her upper torso. As the ball dropped on the staticy T.V. in the corner of the room, Sadie made her way up her lover’s body with kisses.

5 – Sadie gently nuzzled the nooks of Abby’s arms

4 – Sadie licked Abby’s right nipple seductively

3, 2, 1 – Sadie sucked on Abby’s neck, leaving a bright red bruise from where she teased and bit the delicate skin

Happy New Year! Crowds chanted, kissed, and cheered on television as Sadie’s lips met Abby’s for a passionate kiss.

Before they could indulge in more carnal festivities, however, the couple heard the distinct jingling of keys. Before either of them could think, the door burst open and in tumbled Matt, bloody-nosed and shirtless.

“Houston, we have a problem,” he muttered through ragged breaths.

And without another word, Sadie’s 6’3 brother hit the floor with a loud thud.



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